School Information

Specialist subjects

Naracoorte South Primary has several specialist teachers who teach a range of subjects to students from reception to year seven. Currently students attend physical education lessons in our purpose built gymnasium, take drama lessons in our performing arts suite, engage in HASS lessons and learn Indonesian. 

Students can choose from a range of extra-curricular and school based activities which cater to a wide range of skills and interests. Students can be part of the choir, learn a woodwind or brass instrument or join the drama club. Year fours have the opportunity to learn the recorder each year. At break times, there are several clubs students can join, including gardening and coding club, and after school sports include netball, football and cricket.

Bounce & Bop

Bounce & Bop is run by Jess Edwards.

It is held weekly on Thursday 10.00 – 10.30am for toddlers aged 3 months to 4 years.

It is aimed to encourage children to learn through play, music and dance.

For more information please contact:
Naracoorte South School office staff on 8762 2977 or email

Pastoral Care Worker (PCW)

Our Pastoral Care Worker is Micheal Becroft.

He works at the school on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

The PCW’s role is to support the school in its aim to be a safe and supportive learning environment by involving students in a wide range of activities such as camps, woodworking craft, excursions and lunch time groups. Michael is part of the wellbeing team and works alongside the student counsellor to support student and their families around a range of wellbeing issues. He also links families to community resources and services by providing information about support and services provided through community groups, including church groups.

The PCW’s office is in the Wellbeing Centre and he can be contacted by phoning the school office.

Walker Learning Approach

Naracoorte South Primary consistently implements the Walker Learning approach in the junior primary years and is currently growing the approach across the middle and upper years.

Walker Learning is an holistic teaching and learning pedagogy that is developmentally and culturally appropriate for children in their early childhood and primary years of education.  Walker Learning emphasises the  relationships between teacher and child and family. It aims to develop both skills for life and skills for curriculum in children.

Students from reception to year 2 engage in Investigations four mornings a week, which are active, hands-on experiences which provide the springboard for formal learning and explicit teaching for the rest of the day.  Each day Investigations include three focus children and two teacher directed roles of photographer and reporter.

In the middle and upper years, all classes use a student devised and utilised communication board, hold class meetings and have students engaging in clinic groups which are explicit teaching opportunities that meet the learning needs of small groups of students.

For more information on the Walker Learning approach, please visit the Early Life Foundation website.

Nature Play

Our Special Projects committee has designed and created a range of natural play spaces to complement our existing recreational spaces. Children were integral to the design process, with all children invited to submit a design, the winning entries on which the spaces have been modelled. 

The junior primary space, complete with running creek, sandpit and nature structures was completed in 2016.

The upper primary area has been completed with a fire pit, seating and a Nature Play SA playground.

Adjacent to the Naracoorte South Primary School lies 5 hectares of native vegetation which is owned by the Department for Education and forms part of the school grounds. The nature park is a valuable biological and educational resource which is utilised by the school. Currently in terms 2 and 3 the park is open twice a week for play time and classes use the area for cook outs and learning about their native environment.


The Canteen, named The Hunger Barn is run by a Manager and volunteers. It operates under the Healthy Eating Guidelines.

  • Canteen is open Monday, Thursday & Friday.
  • Lunches may be purchased from the school’s canteen. Orders can be placed on line using the Flexischools app or written on lunch bags/pouches with the money enclosed. (Lunch bags are available for a nominal price from the office.)
  • Price lists are available from the office, on the website (below) or on Facebook.
  • The canteen is run by a supervisor with the help of volunteers.

Our Canteen Pricelist

(PDF, 171KB)


Flexi Schools

Download the app to purchase lunch from the Hunger Barn or school uniforms.


Seesaw is the application we use to communicate with parents and let them know what activities their children have been doing.

These brief updates are helpful in facilitating conversations at home between parents and children.

Please ask your child’s teacher for instructions for using Seesaw. They will need to provide you with a code specific to your child.