Specialist subjects

Naracoorte South Primary has several specialist teachers who teach a range of subjects to students from reception to year seven.  Currently students attend physical education lessons in our purpose built gymnasium, take drama lessons in our performing arts suite, engage in STEM lessons and learn Indonesian.  Upper primary students also receive specialist instructions in History.

Students can choose from a range of extra-curricular and school based activities which cater to a wide range of skills and interests.  Students can be part of the choir, learn a woodwind or brass instrument or join the drama club.  Year fours have the opportunity to learn the recorder each year.  At break times, there are several clubs students can join, including gardening and coding club, and after school sports include netball, football and cricket. 

Intervention Support Class


Intervention support occurs in the form of English as a Second Language classes, specialised programs for children with additional needs and targeted literacy, numeracy and well-being programs for students at an educational disadvantage. Programs include Mini-lit, Multi-lit, Quicksmart, Toosmart and What’s The Buzz?

Parents are informed of any additional support their child is receiving and are encouraged to seek regular feedback from teachers. Students receiving ESL or additional needs support will receive formal written feedback in the mid-year and end of year report.


NSPS funds an intervention support class 2 days a week for a junior primary and upper primary cohort.  Students with additional needs are supported in a small group environment with a special needs teacher and SSO, to work towards their goals in their negotiated education plan.  Students participate in a range of hands-on activities that encourage life skills, as well as improving their literacy and numeracy knowledge.

Wellbeing Centre

Our well-being team, including a student counsellor and the Pastoral Care Worker, work out of  the Wellbeing Centre to support students and families.  The centre includes a meeting space and room for visiting specialists to meet with students, teachers and families.  Students can receive one on one support as required or may be part of intervention programs such as What’s the Buzz to develop social and emotional skills.

Nature Play

Our special projects committee is designing and creating a range of natural play spaces to compliment our existing recreational spaces.  Children were integral to the design process, with all children invited to submit a design, the winning entries on which the spaces have been modelled on.

The junior primary space, complete with running creek, was completed in 2016. The special projects committee is aiming to finish the upper primary area, with fire pit, seating and a fort, by mid 2018.

Adjacent to the Naracoorte South Primary School lies 5 hectares of native vegetation which is owned by the Department of Education and forms part of the school grounds. The nature park is a valuable biological and educational resource which is utilised by the school. Currently in terms 2 and 3 the park is open twice a week for play time and classes use the area for cook outs and learning about their native environment.

Bounce & Bop

Bounce & Bop is run by Jess Edwards.

It is held weekly on Thursday 10.30 – 11.00am for toddlers aged 3 months to 4 years.

It is aimed to encourage children to learn through play and music using the interactive whiteboard.

For more information please contact:

Naracoorte South School office staff on 8762 2977 or email dl.0936.admin@schools.sa.edu.au

What is “Bounce & Bop”?
Bounce & Bop is a half hour session of rhymes, songs, movement and stories in a fun filled, friendly environment followed by a play and a chat. You will attend with your child and participate in the activities to reassure them and encourage their involvement. The activities aim to encourage early Literacy and Numeracy skills through Music and Movement.  Stories and other literature will be used as a stimulus for songs and movement. Kirsty Lush looks forward to meeting you and your child/ren.
Who can attend the sessions?

Your child/ren can be between 3mths and 4 years of age. You attend with your child.

Where will the sessions be held?

The sessions will be held weekly in the hall at Naracoorte South Primary School. This facility has tea/coffee making facilities, a microwave and toilets nearby.

When will the sessions be?

Sessions will be held weekly from 10.30am -11.00am on Thursdays. A play and chat session will follow from 11.00 for those who wish to stay. 

Will there be a cost involved?

Sessions will be by gold coin donation. Please come along and enjoy quality time with your child in a stimulating, friendly environment.

Pastoral Care Worker (PCW)

Our Pastoral Care Worker is John Stayte.

He works at the school on a Monday and Tuesday.

The PCW’s role is to support the school in its aim to be a safe and supportive learning environment by involving students in a wide range of activities such as camps, woodworking craft, excursions and lunch time groups. John is part of the wellbeing team and works alongside the student counsellor to support student and their families around a range of wellbeing issues.  He also links families to community resources and services by providing information about support and services provided through community groups, including church groups.

The PCW’s office is in the Wellbeing Centre and he can be contacted by phoning the school office.

English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)

English as an Additional Language or Dialect classes are held to cater for our students who have newly arrived from a range of countries.  Students in their first 18 months of schooling in Australia receive intensive English lessons in a designated classroom for at least one day a week.  Once students exit from the New Arrivals Program, they have access to in-class support with SSOs to assist them accessing the mainstream curriculum.

EALD lessons focus on speaking, listening to and written English in the first instance, and a Dari speaking Bilingual SSO assists in translating for our predominant Afghan population.  As students become more confident with English, other areas of the curriculum are introduced.  Students are assessed against the Language and Literacy Levels and are supported accordingly.  At appropriate times, parent involvement in EALD lessons is welcomed and encouraged

Kids Matter

NSPS is a KidsMatter School. KidsMatter is a framework for supporting children’s mental health by building strong school, family and community connections to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors.

A KidsMatter action group, comprising of teachers, the school counsellor, a parent representative and the Principal and Deputy, is responsible for whole-school trainings, promoting mental health awareness and events planning to meet the needs of children and families on a daily basis.

Walker Learning Approach

Naracoorte South Primary consistently implements the Walker Learning approach in the junior primary years and is currently growing the approach across the middle and upper years.

Walker Learning is an holistic teaching and learning pedagogy that is developmentally and culturally appropriate for children in their early childhood and primary years of education.  Walker Learning emphasises the  relationships between teacher and child and family. It aims to develop both skills for life and skills for curriculum in children. 

Tina Watson is an accredited Walker Learning Teacher and has a mentoring role across the school, supporting teachers to implement the approach and improve their pedagogy.  Students from reception to year 2 engage in Investigations four mornings a week, which are active, hands-on experiences which provide the springboard for formal learning and explicit teaching for the rest of the day.  Each day Investigations include three focus children and two teacher directed roles of photographer and reporter. 

In the middle and upper years, all classes use a student devised and utilised communication board, hold class meetings and have students engaging in clinic groups which are explicit teaching opportunities that meet the learning needs of small groups of students. 

For more information on the Walker Learning approach, please visit the Early Life Foundation website.


The Canteen, named The Hunger Barn is run by a Manager and volunteers. It operates under the Healthy Eating Guidelines.

  • Canteen is open at lunch and recess times every day except MONDAY.
  • Lunches may be purchased from the school’s canteen. Orders are written on lunch bags and the money enclosed.  (Lunch bags are available for a nominal price from the office.)
  • Price lists are available from the office, on the website (below) or on Facebook.
  • The canteen is run by a supervisor with the help of volunteers.

Our Canteen Pricelist

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