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Outdoor Activites

Our students take part in a variety of outdoor activites.


The Naracoorte South Primary School owns four hectares of natural scrub which is attached to the school.  It is a great resource and supports a varied collection of plants and animals.  It is visited by the beautiful and endangered Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.

Within the nature park we are in the process of making walking trails with signs to identify the flora in the area.

 We have groups of children who work cooperatively to build safe fireplaces, use fire to cook their food and learn to appreciate and care for the environment. 

They work as a team to build shelters, plan their outdoor meals and look after each after.
It’s a great place to learn about the environment and children and adults alike look forward to time in our Nature Park.


In consultations with NRMB we are in the progress of revegetating the nature park. This involved many students planting native trees under the guidance of John & Jan Flynn and with the help of Mick Deland and Trees for Life. These classes are now responsible for looking after these trees until they are established.


In coordination with our Physical Education program, the fundraising committee coordinates an annual walkathon in the nature park. Children enjoy strolling, jogging or running around two tracks, supported by teachers and parents.




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