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At Naracoorte South Primary School we have an Arts focus.  Each student receives 50 minutes of Music education per week, and there are many opportunities to become involved in a range of activities to foster a love of the Arts!


We have modernised surrounds in the Music Suite, and we enjoy using every available inch of space in our fabulous double room.

During class Music lessons students are introduced to formal musical concepts such as Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Style, Form, Tone Colour and Notation of Music. Activities include: keyboards, percussion instrumentation, music software programmes, drama (with appropriate costuming and props!), and the planning, practice, presentation and evaluation of performances such as Dance and Drama.


Interactive Whiteboard activities include whole class introduction to, and consolidation of music skills, games, research, backgrounds for performances, display for presentations and slideshows. The IWB is a very motivating tool for gaining and keeping student attention around important learning points – not to mention being fun to use!

Middle Primary students have begun learning the Recorder. The purpose is to give students practice in reading and playing music together. Learning recorder can pave the way for learning another tuned instrument in the future.  All students should be able to play 4 or 5 notes by the end of the year, as well as showing +an improved understanding of Beat, Rhythm and Pitch in written form. Meanwhile, Junior students begin the exploration of Beat, Rhythm and Pitch using Boomwhackers and other tuned instruments such as xylophones.

Junior Assemblies are held thrice termly, and are always well attended by families and friends. Each student is involved in some way at each assembly, which features songs and items prepared during Music lessons. They are a lot of fun!

Older classes have been involved in planning, implementing and performing/presenting topics of their choice as a multimedia project. As well as demonstrating skills in their use of the various technologies available in Music lessons, these projects give valuable practice in the effective organisation of time and personnel.

Lunchtime Concerts are designed and run competently by older classes, to the delight of the rest of the School. We have used Music lessons to cover the organisational aspects, and interested performers have signed up to audition and practise during play breaks, in order to put on the entertainment. Great stuff!

Lunchtime Dancing and Activities are also quite popular. Some of the older students have taken the initiative in choosing the dance list and running the sessions. They are good at encouraging younger students to participate and to enjoy learning new steps and routines. At other times the Yellow Flag signals that the Music Suite is available for free play as an alternative to outside play.

2015 marked our School’s 6th year of involvement in the “Move It @ the Helpmann” Dance festival. A huge group of talented and enthusiastic students from Years 3-7 represented Naracoorte South in Mount Gambier. Interested students nominate to be involved – and commit to weekly rehearsals during their lunchbreaks.  The marvellous “Move It!” crew also performs at our biennial School Concerts.

The Performances Committee recognises the importance of bringing quality Arts experiences to our students: to this end we have regular visits from the Alpha Shows pantomime), Footsteps (dance), Musica Viva (professional musicians) and the “Music Is Fun” Band.

Students are able to join the School Choir from Year s 4-7.  This group is often involved in performing for special community events, such as ANZAC Day, assemblies, Longridge Concerts - in addition to the annual Festival of Music performances in Adelaide and Mount Gambier.

Students from Years 5-7 may nominate to learn a woodwind or brass instrument.  They receive weekly lessons with visiting IMS specialist teachers Geoff Stephens and Geoff Trevenen.


Research shows that students who learn Music will have improved learning outcomes in curriculum areas.

 Plus, it is  FUN!


Date last changed 23rd July, 2015


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